August 19, 2022 1 min read

Have you heard the phrase: Food before one is just for fun?  Food can be SO much fun for baby and parents (and let’s face it, also kind of messy!)


baby wearing a bib with the evil eye print

Here are tips (taken from AAP) on how to feed baby at each stage of their babyhood.

Baby is ready to eat when they can sit upright and hold their head (talk to their ped!) and also when they show interest in food,  They may reach for your food as well.  Generally they are ready for solids at age 4-6 months.

Whether you make your own food or buy food,  food before one can be so much fun!

Here are some general guidelines and tips at age age!

  1. 4-6 months: pureed veggies, fruits and meats
  2. 6-8 months: single-ingredient finger foods (soft enough to mash with gentle pressure!)
  3. 8-12 months: chunkier foods and mixing ingredients can be fun!
  4. 12m + usually when babies begin to enjoy table foods!

What was your baby’s first solid?  What is their favorite food now?

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