October 06, 2022 2 min read

Are you going to a baby shower or maybe to a baby’s first birthday?

Are you wondering what all these sizes mean?

We are here to break it down for you!

Most gifters generously give babies clothing that are in the size 3-6M range.  This seems like a safe bet, right?  I remember at my baby shower having a giant pile of 3-6M clothing, and not enough of other sizes.

I asked the J+M community for tips and ideas on gifting for showers and here is what they said:

1) Consider the age of the baby and season

If you’re buying clothing from mainstream stores, consider the age of the baby for the month range you are purchasing for.  A baby who will be 3 months in summer is not likely to get much use out of a winter sherpa jacket given to mama at her winter baby shower! :)

2) Babies need so many sizes

Well, babies grow SO rapidly and (there are so many growth spurts) that many moms note that they do not have enough of the other sizes.  We suggest buying baby shower gifts in bigger sizes, too!  Don’t be afraid to get 9-12M, the baby will still want to wear your thoughtful gift!

3) Don’t forget siblings!

Nothing is cuter than a matching outfit for older siblings.  J+M is happy to be releasing larger sizes to match infant PJs and swaddles.  Stay tuned to see them!

4) What can be worn day, night, and any season? 

Onesies and rompers are always a sure bet!  At Jasmine + Marigold, our baby footed rompers are made of naturally temperature regulating bamboo fibers.  These make the fibers ideal for year round use -- it’ll help cool down the baby in summer and keep her cozy in winter!  Plus, how cute do babies look in footies?  They are no longer just for sleep -- grips at the bottom are so cozy and stylish!!!

Now, if you’re going to a first birthday party, don’t underestimate the look of happiness on a parents’ face when you gift them luxurious clothing in sizes 12-18M or 18-24M.

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