Solidarity Postcard - Calling for a Ceasfire

Let your voice be heard with Solidarity Postcards!

Option to print in color or black and white and send to your elected officials.

Four unique designs print to one 8.5 x 11 paper.

Two pre-populated cards, two blank for personal messages.

Digital download. (Don't just sit, print and send)!

Customer Reviews

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Mercedes Thomas
Logical Human Being

Appreciate you for using your voice, platform and brand to spread awareness of oppression for all peoples. Thank you for supporting the people of Palestine during this Israeli-US funded genocide as many public people are afraid to speak out and show support. Palestine needs us! 🍉


Thank you for continuing to spread peace! Thank you for standing against anti-Arab hate, Islamophobia, and antisemitism!

Every Critical Thinking Shopper
How about insisting Hamas release the hostages and stop attacking Israel FIRST?!

A ceasefire is only appropriate when the terrorist group which has attacked Israel and taken civilians as hostages STOPS DOING THAT - only THEN can there be peace in the Middle East. This is Hamas' war and anyone calling for a ceasefire without simultaneously condemning Hamas as the cause of the conflict is ignorant.