Behind the Brand: Part One: Our Production Story

May 15, 2024 2 min read

As we prepare for the Jasmine + Marigold's 8th birthday, I wanted to share some behind the brand work and what it looks like being the CEO and founder of J+M!  Today in part one, I’ll share what it’s like to be a mom/founder of a small children's pajama brand!

Like most moms, I start my day helping my kids off to school.  And like most moms, no photos exist of me doing this, so I promise you this is as un-glamorous as you dropping your kids off.  🙂  I am usually wearing one of my favorite J+M PJs or a Robe.

Then, I continue my day at home by praying, journaling, and finding clarity so I can begin my days long to-do list.  This is a new practice for me to give myself some time before I jump into WORK!

The rest of the day is either spent in product planning meetings (sometimes the meetings are JUST ME lol!) or replying to comments on product production with my feedback.

I love to try to carve one 1-2 days a month to find inspiration for new prints for J+M.  Everything we do is hand-drawn by our in house team of artists and I find inspiration in every day things -- mangos I’m cutting for my kids to eat, the tea I pour for my mom, the things my girls are into playing with (and adapting them for our diverse niche) and even playing with my adorable nephew, who has been very actively teaching me what little boys are into (tractors, trucks…. All the things!).

PS - Aam into You is coming back for summer! I can’t wait.

I hope this gives a glimpse behind the scenes!  Contact me if you have any questions or comments, I love hearing from you!

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