Solidarity Collection: Sizing and Collection Info

Olive branches of hope.  Our latest collaboration with Visuals by Noor features an olive colored keffiyeh print on a cream bamboo viscose pajama pant, and a pajama shirt featuring a historical Palestine map, adorned by olive branches and ascending doves. 

Through your support, 100% of the profits will benefit Baitulmaal, a 501(c)3 organization tirelessly working to deliver crucial humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza and Palestine. Profits are calculated after our costs of manufacturing, transaction fees, logistics, and warehouse employee wages.

Your purchase is helping us positively impact the lives of those affected by the ongoing assault and ensuing catastrophic humanitarian crisis.  Jasmine + Marigold stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine. 



Infant romper features a foldover footie and foldover mittens (up to size 12M).  This romper runs True to Size.  Consider the child’s age in June when purchasing.  With the convertible footie, the romper may be worn with the foot exposed or with it covered.  This also extends the life of the product, growing with your infant.  Sizing has NOT changed from Ramadan Noor and Taste of Ramadan.


This snug-fitting 2pc pajama set features long snug fitting pants, and a shirt that can be purchased as a long sleeved optin or short sleeved option. Tagless neckline for ultimate comfort.  Keep in mind that this is a pajama set and is not meant to be oversized.


The jogger set is perfect for lounging or going to the mosque. Here are some major updates compared to Ramadan.

If you purchased Taste of Ramadan / Duas & Dreams, you’ll note that we called out that YS and YM ran a little shorter than we expected and we advised everyone size up one.  Here is how Taste of Ramadan joggers compare to Solidarity Joggers.

  • YS pant length increased by 2.25”;;1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YM pants length increased by 3.25”;1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YL pants length increased by 1/2 “; waist;,1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YXL pants are same;;2" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • Shirt lengths have NOT changed.

If you purchased Noor Oat or Noor Navy, we were able to adjust the pants before shipment to you and they ran TTS.  That being said, we wanted to make the YL and YXL roomier.  Here is how Noor joggers compare to Solidarity Joggers.

  • YS pant length same;1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YM pant length sam;1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YL pant length same;; waist;,1" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • YXL pant length same;;2" to Waist, Hip, and Thigh
  • Shirt lengths have NOT changed.

Since this is a charity collab and we are interested in keeping quantities low and donations high, we are offering only the men’s style for this collection as a unisex offering.

Ladies might consider option for a smaller size than they typically wear.

Improvements to length forSolidarity from Ramadan 2024 line.  

We now proudly offer a 3XL size to offer more inclusive sizing!  Hooray!

Feedback for the improved Ramadan 2024 was positive, hower clients from our Palestinian community have noted that our improved length pants might be too short for their husbands.  

Therefore the following changes are made:

  • Mens L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL have a ½ inch inseam increase. 
  • Length should fit men up to 6’1-6’2 comfortably.  
  • Pant may be short on men taller than 6’2
  • Shirt is LONG; bamboo pants can cling, and we wan to protect modesty.
  • Our friends who are 6’5 have worn shirts with no complaints
  • 3XL is being offered