About us

Eager to share the good news of my pregnancy with my family, I was hard pressed to find any shirts and onesies that paid homage to my culture. There was no "I love Nana and Nani" onesie or "I love Baba and Dedo" onesie (Baba and Dedo is how you say grandma and grandpa in Macedonian).  Little did I know, those onesies I created in May of 2015 would turn into the inspiration for my project, Jasmine + Marigold.  While my infant daughter napped, I furiously designed and researched the printing process.  Eid was coming up, and since my daughter shares two cultures, I knew I wanted her to celebrate Eid with as much glee as she will celebrate Christmas. Thus, Jasmine + Marigold was born a few months after my daughter came to the world, and our collection launched with the "X loves me" line and the Eid Collection.

We launched at the end of May 2016, just two weeks before I returned to work full-time from my maternity leave, and we have evolved ever since then!  From onesies, we moved onto adult tees, bibs, mugs, and a bridal collection.  J+M aims to be a full-on lifestyle brand that fills the void in our culture's gaps.  Furthermore, we pride ourselves on excellent quality products.  We are so proud of our 5 star reputation and will continue this upward trajectory.

J+M aims to bring quality pieces for your little ones and their mommies. All items are custom made, designed by Sidra.  Hope you enjoy as much as I've enjoyed bringing my creations to life.