Eid PJ Presale is now closed

Our EID Pajamas have brought joy and happiness to Muslim families across the world since 2018. Jasmine + Marigold is happy to continue the tradition in 2023 insha'allah! Our presale period from January 18 - 20 is now closed.

Ramadan is coming and we've been so busy behind the scenes.

We held our Eid PJ Presale on January 18-20. Unfortunately, we closed our Eid 2023 Pajama Presale. Our Eid and Ramadan pajamas sale will reopen in early Ramadan, so please make sure to sign up below to be alerted if you missed the sale.

How do I get access?

Please join our email list to shop our brand new designs. Our pre-sale alhamdullilah was from January 18-20 -- if you missed it, don't worry! We will release our pajamas again by early Ramadan!

I'm not familiar with your Eid PJs: Tell me More!

Wow Hi Salaam! I'm so excited you're here. Our pajamas are fun way to give kids a way to celebrate Ramadan and Eid in a festive way. I would see my husband's nieces enthusiastically lounge in their matching Christmas pajamas and I'd always wanted to have similar traditions for my own kids. We started Eid PJs in 2017 and have had cute new prints each year.

In 2022, we were featured in Women's Day as a must-have Eid gift. Some of our older designs are featured here. We always keep them classy, designed with the utmost care and produced with high-quality material that lasts wash after wash.

We have a 4.9* average rating from real customers.

Ramadan Delivery

Our suppliers expect to provide items in March, before Ramadan begins on March 22.

Free & Fast Delivery

A free fully-trackable 2-day delivery service on all orders over $150.

Thoughtfully Sourced

As a Muslim-owned brand, we believe we are stewards of the earth. Our bamboo fibers are certainly more expensive than non-eco friendly products, but they are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and substances.

Don't Miss the Ramadan Launch

Our pre-sale closed on January 20. We will reopen in early Ramadan. Get an alert here.


Our VIPs have already previewed our prints and given us amazing feedback and we've heard variations of this "this is your best yet" -- and our team can't wait to show the rest of you!

Presale? So they aren’t in hand yet right? When do we get them?

Our target in-hand date is early to mid-March. Ramadan begins March 22, and we started months earlier than normal, and we feel like we are finally over the COVID delays.

Did you say prints? Plural?

Yes! We have options. Stay tuned.

Can you assure me I'll get sizes for everyone?

Pre-sale buyers were able to secure sizes. We can't make promises on launch day.

If I choose not to presale, can I still get some for our family?

Our presale is being done exclusively so that our VIPs and friends can get the sizes, sleeve lengths, and everything else they need. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get everything for everyone in your family so we encourage you to shop early and guarantee sizes for everyone. Presale will CLOSE and Eid Pajamas will not be available again to purchase until just before Ramadan begins.

What are the new things? How are sizes this year?

We love feedback and made some great changes and have some cool new stuff. Our updated size chart will be posted soon.

1- Men’s pants are a little shorter than last year since feedback was our pants were too long

2- Youth pants also are a little shorter than last year

3- Adults can buy separates (tops or bottoms only!)

Is there anything else coming for Ramadan?

We’re trying something new and have limited edition children’s and grownup items closer to March insha’allah. These will be a limited launch and can be purchased separately.