COVID-19 Production Updates (Updated 5/26)



May 26:

YAY! We have our PJs!We imported a small percent of full order via air, which accounts for our pre-orders.  We have been working super hard to package and ship them to you.  Customers should get them over the next week.  Since we had some cancellations of our pre-orders, a small extra inventory of PJs will be available after we ship pre-orders for new customers to grab - yay! Inventory numbers will be updated for ready-to-ship PJs by June 3.

The remaining inventory is arriving via sea in July.  We had to split it due to the astronomically high cost of air shipping as a result of COVID-19.  We will not doing a pre-sale for these (I'm honestly just scarred!) and instead will be releasing them as soon as we have them live on the website!  Ensure you're on our email list to hear about inventory and availability.

May 14, 2020 (Email sent to PJ purchasers)

I hope your last 10 nights of Ramadan are off to a wonderful start and that you are making the most of these blessed nights. I want to reiterate my gratitude for all your support over the last few weeks. As a small business owner, you truly have no idea how much your love, support and patience means to me.

I am writing to share a follow up to my email from last week.

The PJs are finally on their way over to us, Alhamdullilah.  After the COVID-19 related factory closure, the hiccups we had at reopening, this news had our team rejoicing.

I want to be completely forthcoming to you about a new development in our current flight booking.  The team had a flight pre-booked with departure earlier this week and that first booking was cancelled due to space limitations.  I had a Plan B, so I was thrilled when our freight team confirmed our pallet on a new flight path, which showed an estimated arrival of Sunday or Monday.  This was not ideal, but it did give us the time we needed to package and ship products to arrive to customers by Friday, May 22.  My husband and I had prepared to spend a day to package and ship all orders via expedited shipping methods at our cost.

Subhanallah, the guidance has changed overnight and I woke up to a message that was completely crushing.  I am being advised that the pallet will be held in Chicago for a few days due to uncertainty on the flight from Chicago to LA.

 To wake up to that news was devastating.  Our top priority throughout this process has been to meet our promise to customers: get the sets to you by this Eid. 

This is not the email I planned to write to you today, and to say I am devastated would be an understatement.  I am reminded once again that we plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners.  It is with a heavy heart that I need to inform you all that our latest news will not allow us to keep our promise of Eid Delivery.  I am so incredibly sorry.  I know your kids are looking forward to them and that you are looking forward to your Eid day at home lounging in pajamas, and that this news will be disappointing to many of you.

While I would love it if you’d consider keeping your order so that you can enjoy the sets through the summer and Eid Al Adha, I also understand if this does not work for you.  Cancellation requests may be made via email to; Subject line: Order #___ Cancellation. 

Allah swt is the best of planners and we pray that the effects of this calamity passes swiftly.  We pray that you and your families remain safe from harm and in the best of health and will be making dua for each and everyone of you these last 10 nights.  May Allah swt lead us to a path of complete shifa and freedom from this pandemic that has affected every facet of life.


All my best,


Owner, Jasmine + Marigold

May 3, 2020 (Email sent to PJ purchasers)

I know you have been patiently waiting for an update on our much-anticipated pajamas, and I’m writing with a PJ update -- we are so looking forward to being part of your Eid celebrations this year again.  

First, I want to reiterate how grateful I am for all your support and patience.  I know that my COVID delay is so minute compared to what you are going through.  So many of you have reached out to me sharing your own stories about how COVID is impacting your lives - from having to shelter at parents’ homes due to spouses being essential workers, or being essential workers yourselves and not seeing your kids, to being forced to cancel travel plans to visit loved ones during Ramadan, to losing your job or having your pay cut, or to having loved one’s health affected by the illness. COVID is impacting every single person and I’m truly thinking of and praying for the J+M community.

Our goal with Eid PJs is simple: we want to bring joy to your family’s lives and encourage your kids to love our Islamic holidays. There is nothing more important to me than to deliver these to you during this Holy Month.  Though the COVID-19 related delays were completely out of our control, I assure you that I, and my team, have been working tirelessly to get these to us so you may enjoy them during Ramadan, insha’allah.

So now for the good news, which I’m happy to finally share after all the bad news:

After the factory reopened in April with special government approval, our employees worked hard to complete the project (wearing masks, social distancing and all!).   Alhamdulillah our pajamas are now in quality control.  After this process is complete, the next step is to air ship the pajamas to us in LA.

I told you in my last email I’m a planner - and I am.  The COVID-19 factory closures were completely out of my control and a reminder of God’s will - but it is my job to plan for what happens once they are ready to move.  I’ve consulted with business owners who import on a larger scale and have lent me their ear to plan for this next step, employed a great logistics and customs team.   My husband and I are ready to pull an all-nighter to pack and ship orders as soon as we have the items on hand, inshallah.

Rest assured, I am working hard to get these to your families this month insha’allahbefore Eid.  Once I have them, all USA shipments will be upgraded to priority mail (1-4 days) -- my international friends will get their items upgraded to international priority, which is 3-4 days.

Again, I do want to sincerely apologize for the delay as I know your families were looking forward to receiving these gifts so much earlier. I also want to thank you so much for being patient and sticking it out with us.  I understand if this timeline does not suit your family - if you prefer to cancel your order for a refund, contact us at

I will be in touch once the items are loaded onto the plane.  I will pray for the health and safety of your family, and our team both here and abroad.  


We sincerely appreciate everyone's continued patience and support!  As you know, J+M prides ourselves on high quality and well-designed products.  Our pajamas are made from the best materials (100% interlock cotton) and we hope are passed down from child to child.  The three-piece toddler set is like two pajamas for the price of one!

We are talking to our staff on the ground in Pakistan daily and are happy to report that things are moving along.  Shipment notifications will be sent to customers early May. This is a delay we could not have been foreseen and one we are sincerely sorry about. 

We are working incredibly hard to get your products to you as soon as possible.


The country of Pakistan has been on a lockdown for nearly three weeks to contain the spread of the coronavirus.  Much like in the USA, companies are allowed to apply for special exemptions to reopen. Garment factories must pass strict cleanliness guidelines and implement thorough sanitation procedures to reopen: this is in order to protect the health and safety of employees, which is our first priority at Jasmine + Marigold. 

Our factory is reopening with special considerations to the current situation.  The machines have been spaced from one another, employees will be supplied with facial masks and sanitizers, and temperatures will be checked before work can commence each day. 

The process of obtaining government approvals has delayed the production of our pajamas further than I initially hoped. With coordination with cargo companies and the factory,we are now expecting to have our pajamas in the USA at the end of the month.  I apologize sincerely for the delay as I know your families were looking forward to receiving these gifts earlier. I also understand if this timeline does not suit your family - if you prefer to cancel an existing order, please email us at with your order #.

4/2/2020:As of today, factories remain closed.  However, the good news is that the the factory we are working with has taken precautionary measures to sanitize the factory, offer employees masks and sanitizers, and provide distance between all machines to protect the health and wellness of staff.  They have applied for and are awaiting special approval to reopen and resume the production.  Upon reopening, there are 10 days left before being shipped to us.  We are being optimistic but will provide a solid update as soon as we hear back about special approval.

3/24/2020: I wanted to update you on your orders and the future of Jasmine + Marigold. In the current situation, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone's mind and causing significant disruption to our daily lives and how we engage with one another.  We know that with Ramadan a month away, customers are looking forward to the excitement of getting new pajamas for Eid and Ramadan. We are, too.

We have been working closely with our factory in Pakistan to understand the impact of COVID19 to our staff, and the production of our much-anticipated pajamas.  Subhanallah, we were just 10 days away from the items being dispatched to us, but well we plan, and Allah plans.

Our factory has taken the best steps for our staff and decided to temporarily close up shop for one week. Of course, this is what’s best for the team’s health and safety at this time, and I’m certain you understand and support this move, as I do.

Unfortunately, this pushes back production,but we have been assured that we will have these pajamas in our hands before Ramadan, God-willing.We’ll be in constant contact with our Pakistan team - as obviously we’re in unprecedented times, and things are changing at a rapid speed.

Our staff is one of our top priorities but so are our customers - so on our end,we will upgrade shipping speeds to priority shipping for all PJ orders, at no extra cost to you, as soon as we get them in mid-April, insha’Allah.  However, I fully understand if this timeline does not suit your family and- if you prefer to cancel your order for a refund, contact us at  

If you have not yet placed an order, please be aware of this delay related to COVID-19 when placing an order.

I will be in touch with any further updates and will pray for the health and safety of your family, and our team both here and abroad.  

In health & wellness,



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