COVID-19 Production Updates (Updated 3/24/2020)



I wanted to update you on your orders and the future of Jasmine + Marigold. In the current situation, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone's mind and causing significant disruption to our daily lives and how we engage with one another.  We know that with Ramadan a month away, customers are looking forward to the excitement of getting new pajamas for Eid and Ramadan. We are, too.

We have been working closely with our factory in Pakistan to understand the impact of COVID19 to our staff, and the production of our much-anticipated pajamas.  Subhanallah, we were just 10 days away from the items being dispatched to us, but well we plan, and Allah plans.

Our factory has taken the best steps for our staff and decided to temporarily close up shop for one week. Of course, this is what’s best for the team’s health and safety at this time, and I’m certain you understand and support this move, as I do.

Unfortunately, this pushes back production, but we have been assured that we will have these pajamas in our hands before Ramadan, God-willing. We’ll be in constant contact with our Pakistan team - as obviously we’re in unprecedented times, and things are changing at a rapid speed.

Our staff is one of our top priorities but so are our customers - so on our end, we will upgrade shipping speeds to priority shipping for all PJ orders, at no extra cost to you, as soon as we get them in mid-April, insha’Allah.  However, I fully understand if this timeline does not suit your family and- if you prefer to cancel your order for a refund, contact us at  

If you have not yet placed an order, please be aware of this delay related to COVID-19 when placing an order.

I will be in touch with any further updates and will pray for the health and safety of your family, and our team both here and abroad.  

In health & wellness,



  1. Swaddle blankets
  2. Makeup pouches
  3. Eid Mubarak loot bags
  4. Rattles
  5. Silicone Baby Bibs
  6. Most clearance items



  1. Most onesies
  2. Mugs