March 17, 2020 2 min read

How are you guys doing?  Since I"m typically a working mom, working from home + watching the kids is proving to be challenging.  So, I'm doing the best I can to prepare!


I am getting lots of interest in the activity sheets my child is using to keep herself busy.   I have a 4-year-old who attends Montessori and a 21-month-old who usually stays home with my MIL.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking my MIL and mom to stay home to self-isolate, in case my kids or one of us presents symptoms.  May Allah swt protect us all.

Here are the websites that contain coloring sheets / tracing sheets I’ve downloaded to help my Pre-K 4-year-old.  I’m new to this “homeschooling” thing, so I’ve just downloaded them, printed them, and stapled them into “packets” which is what I understand her school does. Pro homeschool mom tip: Put them in protective sheets and give the kids dry erase markers so that the sheets can be reused, which helps us save paper.

Tracing Sheets:

My daughter has been particularly enjoying this sheet here:

Tracing Sheet Download LInk


Remember that these websites make money off ads, so look for the “download” button so you don’t install malware on your computers.

I’m also using to download sheets that are fun for my child to use.  Here is a link:

greatschools website has sheets for all age levels.  Highly recommended!


All you’ll need for these projects are below - and thankfully, this is all available on Amazon!

  • Colored pencils
      • Printer Paper
      • Printer (we have a laser printer - mine is out of stock, butth similar)
      • Optional for eco friendly projects:
    • 3-ring binder
    • Protective sheets

    • How are you keeping the kids occupied?  Second blog post coming on our Amazon haul.

      *Please note, above there are some affiliate links.  We make a small commission off items purchased using our links.  Thank you!

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