March 17, 2020 3 min read

Before schools were closed and rumors of school closures were flying around, I did what any working mother would do: conduct an Amazon haul.  I was honestly too afraid to go to the craft stores in fear of catching the Coronavirus.

For reference, my older daughter is 4-years-old and my younger one is 21-months-old. My older daughter goes to Montessori, and my 21-month-old stays home with my MIL. Since we want to protect my MIL and are unsure what kinds of diseases the 4-year-old could have picked up at school, we chose to ask my MIL to remain home for the week, for her own protection. We will revisit this. This means, it’s me, my husband, and my kids at home! Hooray.

First, I removed all redundant items /clutter from the playroom. This was done so that I could cycle out the kids’ toys. My 4yo doesn’t really play with toys, but I suspect that if they don’t see a toy for a few weeks, it’ll be like new when it shows up a week or so later. I simply took a tub and took toys to the garage. I cleared out our play bins of all clutter so the kids can easily identify toys to play with.

Next, I needed a proper table for the children to work on. The one we have upstairs is too small for both of them to have enough space to work on, so we purchase this new one off of Amazon.

For my haul, I purchased a number of sensory play items + plastic cookie cutters to go with them. I purchased two large tub of play dough (like her school has) and we hope it lasts us a few weeks. We got red & purple tubs of play dough.

Then, I purchased some cookie cutters for the kids to use. Honestly, these aren’t the best quality but the price isn’t too bad.

I also bought a number of painting supplies, since my kids enjoy painting. I prefer that they paint outdoors since I hate messes, and it’s a rainy week in Southern California, so that’s been rough.

My elder DD goes to Montessori, so I purchased these little paint cups since at school, they’re allowed to paint whenever they’d like to. These are “spill proof.”

I also bought some paper that the kids can paint on, here are the links:

My husband stopped off at Target on Friday to purchase whiteboards for the kids - I don’t have a link, but it’s your basic $25 whiteboard. He affixed this to the wall so that the kids can write and erase. To help with this, knowing that in Montessori the kids trace shapes, I purchased magnetic tracing shapes from Amazon. This also helps keep my child quite busy. They’re not the best quality but they do the trick. I don’t think they’d work well on paper since they’re a little flimsy:

That’s all for my haul. I’m certainly not going to allow the kids to use all these crafts at once, but hopefully little by little.

I also bought a jar filled with crafts and that’s completely been removed from Amazon, likely to have been sold out.  How is your Amazon COVID-19 craft haul looking?


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