April 29, 2019 3 min read

I teamed up with Shifa at MuslimMommyBlog  to come up with our dream list of Ramadan Decorations at every budget.  We are so lucky that today, American Muslims have tons of great choices when shopping for Ramadan and Eid decor.  While we advocate shopping with Muslim businesses, we are totally aware that some decorations can be found in mainstream stores - and you should buy if that fits your budget!   Let's get our homes, and hearts, ready for Ramadan together!

Below are my picks for staying under $50, under $100, and under $200.  Then, head to Shifa's blogto see her picks - and, she went up to $500!

Under $50:

First, run, don't walk, to get these GORGEOUS free printables (YES FREE) from the author of Ramadan Around the World, made beautiful printables.  The banner will be a hit in your home! These say “Ramadan Mubarak” and can adorn any place in your home - and should be easy to set up.  Best of all? You just need a printer and scissors!

While supporting a Muslim-owned brand is what we advocate first and foremost, we understand that budgets may prevent you from doing so.  Party City carries items that are affordable. Consider theirEid countdown board ($2.99),string lights ($7.99) and Honeycomb lanterns for $6.99

Then, move on to Modern Eid, the first of the Eid party makers, to get a classy “Happy Eid” acrylic wreath ($16) that you can decorate your front door with for the three days of Eid.

Then, since you’ll still want to share the spirit of Ramadan, get the Kanzi Store Paper Starssince these shapes will really add depth to your decor ($10.99).

=Approx $45!

Under $100:

When you get to this range, you’ll want to consider an ‘investment’ piece to use year after year, and then round out the rest of your budget with items that you can either thoughtfully store for future use, or toss!

$64 investment piece Days of Eid ™ Mosque silhouette - it comes in two colors (we have white!)

Since you'll want an easy countdown calendar, get the Good Deeds Countdown by Waraq paper Souk - $16 on Etsy and their Eidy Envelopes, which are only $6!

Countdown table top decor, you can get a ton of cute items on Etsy, and we have aniftar countdown on Etsyfor $5.99 which tells you the time of itaar, sahoor, and the day of Ramadan.  (No more basic Masjid Calendars on your fridge!)

Tie all this together with festive Washi Tape by Honey Lemon Events.  They have so many styles - and you can DIY money envelopes, decorate craft paper gift wrapping, and many more!  Only $3.35 USD for the tape.

All in all, you're at just $95 - which leaves room for shipping and etc. (Or candy?)

Under $200:

When you get to this level, you can do a great variety of items that are both investment pieces and decor pieces.  If you have kids, you’ll want a calendar that will last and will brighten up your home.

Below are our top picks:

Total: $198

What items will you be adorning your home with as we welcome our guest, Ramadan, to our homes? Head on over to Shifa's blog to see her picks!

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