December 24, 2021 2 min read

Some Muslim families shared that they will use Christmas day as an opportunity to teach their children about Prophet Isa (AS)’s miraculous birth and I loved this idea!  He was the last prophet sent before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and I wanted my children to know why we love him.

The free resource can be downloadedhere.

I needed to find a way to tell my kids who Isa (AS) is and why he and his mother, Mariam, are important parts of our faith since they’ll soon hear that Christmas isn’t just for Santa, but for Jesus’s birth.  Please note, Muslim (and some Christian historians) will agree his birth was likely in the spring, so our family is taking advantage to share this perspective since the topic is timely.  You may use this resource any time of year.

In my house, we have used winter break to watch YouTube videos about Isa (AS)'s birth (links below) and since my kids are 5 and 3, I had a coloring page created so they can identify key pieces of his birth (date palm, dates, river) to help recall the story of his birth according to the Quran.  Most of our American community has no concept that Isa (Jesus) and Mary (Maryam) are important to Muslims as well and I do find that sharing commonalities helps lower the veil into our “mysterious faith” and beliefs.  

I can’t tell you how proud I was to answer question about why Baby Isa (AS) spoke, how I quickly corrected my 3yo when she called him “Prophet Pizza” to show why we always give our beloved Prophets respect, and how I had to explain why we don’t show baby Isa’s face or Maryam’s out of respect.

I am making this coloring resource completely free.  You can use it during winter break or in the spring!**

**This was created with good faith to ensure my kids learned key concepts through imagery: date tree, dates, tiny baby, river, flowers for spring, etc.  Please note that this coloring sheet depicts flowers so kids can understand through imagery that it was spring, but I can’t be sure flowers existed in that part of the world so may God forgive me for any shortcomings.  I also didn’t feel comfortable including Maryam in our sheet but please make sure to tell your children how important she is in Islam!

Learning Roots YouTube video:

This resource from Mufti Menk :

Prophet Stories for Kids: 

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