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Eid and Ramadan Stickers (two 5x7 sheets of 25 stickers each)

Not much else brightens up a child's day than stickers!  Our ethically produced (Made in the USA) stickers feature 25 stickers per sheet -- and you get two sheets in a pack!  Each sheet is 5 inches x 7 inches.

Stickers are beautiful spring pastel colors with pink, blue, yellow, purple and green accents.  Playful + fun!

Each sheet has:

  1. 14 star stickers in varying sizes and colors
  2. 3 gift box stickers
  3. 3 Happy Ramadan stickers
  4. 1 Ramadan Kareem Sticker
  5. 2 Happy Eid Stickers
  6. 1 Eid Mubarak
  7. 1 Mosque/Masjid sticker

Versatile and usable for the entire month of Ramadan.  Printed on high quality glossy sticker paper. 

Printed in the USA.

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