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August 30, 2022 2 min read


I am Pakistani.

I’m honestly that cringe Pakistani that barely speaks Urdu, married outside her ethnicity, and can’t tell you the names of spices in Urdu. But, Pakistani blood runs through my veins, and I want my children to know their history and have pride in their background.  

I cry when I think about the nation my grandparents took refuge in (see our family's India partition story on YouTube here) and how this country they sought refuge in is now clinging on for life.

Today, Pakistan is facing a national disaster that is unlike any other in its lifetime. My heart is heavy.

As you are likely aware, so much of my brand’s inspiration comes from my Pakistani heritage.

My camel print is inspired by the beach camels on Karachi’s Clifton beach.

My marigold print is inspired by the marigolds common at Pakistani maiyons and mehndis.

Today, I ask my J+M community to join me in raising funds for Pakistan, which is facing a disaster unlike any they have ever seen. 


International aid is essential in helping the nation recover and rebuild from these floods.

Here is what I ask:

  1. Donate to the below listed charities listed below.  You may not recognize many of their names: some charities are Pakistani-led organizations distributing aid in the hardest hit areas.  Others are nationally recognized.  All are providing aid.
  2. If you purchase any remaining products from my Jameelah or Marigold line this week, I will donate 100% of the sales back to Aashyana Welfare Society, an organization family members overseas are supporting and have shared photos of on the ground support provided in Balochistan.


Organizations providing relief aid to Pakistan

  1. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (alkhidmat.org)
  2. The Citizens Foundation (tcfusa.org)
  3. Edhi Foundation (edhi.org/usa/)
  4. Hidaya Foundation (hidaya.org)
  5. Global Giving (globalgiving.org)
  6. Akhuwat USA (akhuwat.org)
  7. Muslim Aid (muslimaid.org/pakistan-flood-emergency)
  8. MAA International (maainternational.org.au)
  9. Pakistan Children Relief (pakcr.org)
  10. Islamic Relief USA (irusa.org)
  11. Helping Hand USA (hhrd.org)
  12. Shahid Afridi Foundation (shahidafridifoundation.org)
  13. Human Development Foundation (hdf.com)
  14. Zakat Foundation of America (zakat.org)


If you are not in a position to donate but can make a prayer on behalf of Pakistan, please do so.   Any help you can provide is essential in elevating Pakistanis during this incredibly difficult time.

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